Presentation on tones

We had our presentations on last week’s project today, but it didn’t go so well for my team. We got caught up in the story and the characters, we tried to fill in parts that were confusing in the world, so we didn’t have much time on doing actual plans on light and the tones. I only had a few skeches myself. (Sketchbook 14-25)

Fortunately my team is good, and at the end of the lecture I could see that their motivation rose, and that gave me another boost as well. Also, we only need to include two more colors for next week, which gives me more time to practise drawing with tones. I feel like I really need this extra week to catch up to all the amazing work I’ve seen today in class.

We agreed on this general overgrown looking landscapes, with light from the sun, and light from the treecreatures. We could use the landscapes of a few games and movies, as this post-apocalyptic overgrown nature is fairly common. Games like Submerged and Enslaved, or films like I am Legend. I espacially liked the nature in Nausicaa, the Japanese movie from Ghibli studios.

And we developed great new ideas. For instense as we were thinking about light we came to the conclusion that the little treecreatures can produce light to fight off the shadows. Also based on Caitlin’s character design we have new creatures who defend the treecreatures, and use their light to fight, and protect mother nature from the shadow’s destruction. Caitlin’s other idea were these giant animal like beings who carry villages on their backs, and that is where our new creature’s live.

All in all we ended up with a better world and more interesting story opportunities. We stayed in the same group this week, so we have more time together to make next week’s presentation better.