Final Retopology

After starting all over with the head model mostly knowing what I was supposed to do, I am satisfied with the outcome. It was hard work to keep an eye on not making any meshmistakes and creating a proper edgeflow.

I still have to practise a lot, but for my first try I think it turned out alright.

This project made me realize how important it is to know the anatomy properly whenever I sculpt something in 3D. This basic knowledge is necessary to create polygons that can be easily animated later on to create a realistic and natural movement. It was really useful to get a hang of working with Mudbox as well.


Retopology part1

Before starting the retopology, I’ve made a bit of a research. I found a good tutorial on the 3DArtist website by Steve Holmes on the subject (in references). I also had a look at a few videos on the plurarsight website. I’ve seen everywhere that it is important to pay attention to how the muscles work on the face.

With my first try on retopologizing the done head model I made a few mistakes. First, I started out with too small polygons which made my work much harder. After a while because I made a lot of mistakes in the edgeflow as well I decided to start over.


This is my messed up mesh. I felt like I was starting to get the hang of it now, so I hope the second one will be better.


Work in Mudbox

After the Floating City for Imaging and Data Visualisation our next project was to model one of our classmates head. I paired up with Caitlin for this one as well, and after she sent me some pictures of herself I could start to model in Mudbox. The software was still new to me, but after finishing with the head I feel like I move around more comfortably in it.


Without hair it doesn’t really look like her, but I’m pretty proud of it anyway. All is left is to retopologize it in Maya.