World in Colour

Still on the shadow world this week’s presentation went better than the last one on tones. I was inspired by Alistair’s great works, and made a few coloured pencil drawings.


Based on what Conánn said and what I found during my research I tried to experiment with warm light and cool shadow. We had an easy job thinking about light and air, because the world is a postapocalyptic Earth. We had the sun and decided on a very crisp and clean air. I had fun with the new types of plants we came up with and we developed the treecreatures even more.


Introducing Colour

This week we had to work in our world in colour next to the photography project. This assignment was more fun for me than last week’s tonality, because I always loved working in colour.

At the beginning I did some research. I’m lucky we covered this topic during my graphic designer course, but I think the more I look at it the better.

First I had a look at Johannes Itten’s book The Art of Color. His colour wheel and his contrasts are the basic things I have to have a look at more often.


I looked at the pictures he mentioned while writing about the contrasts for better understanding, I think I’ll try to create something for each of them too, but first I want to focus on the warm and cool contrast.

I also had another look at Denman Ross’ book The painter’s palette, focusing on the colour part of his writing.

I also found this video very useful.