And some more character design

I felt like I didn’t spend enough time on the second week’s assignment during the build a world project, so I have made a few more sketches on the subject (sketchbook pg 76-80). I went back to the tree and shadow creatures to see if I can come up with a few more ideas. I could feel how much I improved during the year not just in the quality of my art, but my way of thinking as well. I have used my new Chameleon pens to finish a final character design on a new treecreature I made.



Character Design

After getting back from Hungary I joined a group that has already started working on their character design. The world has a postapocalyptic view, and we had to change a few main ideas to make it more logical – for instense the shadow people didn’t really have any meaning in the world, they were just there.
The basics were that Mother Nature decided that humans had gone too far and killed most of them off, but being a loving and caring creature, she felt  bad and brought their bodies and souls back to life seperately. She gave new consciousness to the bodies, creating the tree-people, and their old souls became the shadow-people. The main conflict would have been the shadows wanting their bodies back, but later we dismissed this idea, because the human form for the trees restricted our thinking in design.
First we had three characters in mind but we dismissed the form of Mother Nature as well as we went along. She became a god like creature in the end.
With the trees I did have more designs of the human shaped versions, changing their appearence was a last minute decision and I worked more on the shadows by then. (Sketchbook page 1-8)