Animatic research

New week, finally a new world seems like the fun begins. With my new teammates, Glenn, Charlotte and Roxy we have to create a 30 second long animatic.

First of all, what is an animatic? It seems to be an animated storyboard, with sound and in our case colour as well. Animatics are made to visualize the film before the hard work begins, to make sure the sound and the movements are fit together perfectly.

I remembered I’ve seen something like this from Iron Man 3 before, and after a few minutes I was able to find the video again. We have found a few more examples as well, this amazing animation made for the equally amazing game Undertale was one of my favourites.

We started out with creating a storyboard. Well, every one of us created one, and today we have finalized it.

I’ve already done my research on storyboard earlier as I was asked to make one by someone I know for her short film, and I have found a good website for some tips.

After putting it all together everyone got there own job to do. I became the lucky one who can animate, the only problem with this is that I have to wait until the others finish their job to start, so I went into a bit deeper research.

I’ve learnt a lot about key frames, inbetweens, and the basics of animation while reading The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams. This book seems to be more than usefull in many part of out studies, no wonder how it got it’s title.


World in Colour

Still on the shadow world this week’s presentation went better than the last one on tones. I was inspired by Alistair’s great works, and made a few coloured pencil drawings.


Based on what Conánn said and what I found during my research I tried to experiment with warm light and cool shadow. We had an easy job thinking about light and air, because the world is a postapocalyptic Earth. We had the sun and decided on a very crisp and clean air. I had fun with the new types of plants we came up with and we developed the treecreatures even more.

Introducing Colour

This week we had to work in our world in colour next to the photography project. This assignment was more fun for me than last week’s tonality, because I always loved working in colour.

At the beginning I did some research. I’m lucky we covered this topic during my graphic designer course, but I think the more I look at it the better.

First I had a look at Johannes Itten’s book The Art of Color. His colour wheel and his contrasts are the basic things I have to have a look at more often.


I looked at the pictures he mentioned while writing about the contrasts for better understanding, I think I’ll try to create something for each of them too, but first I want to focus on the warm and cool contrast.

I also had another look at Denman Ross’ book The painter’s palette, focusing on the colour part of his writing.

I also found this video very useful.


Presentation on tones

We had our presentations on last week’s project today, but it didn’t go so well for my team. We got caught up in the story and the characters, we tried to fill in parts that were confusing in the world, so we didn’t have much time on doing actual plans on light and the tones. I only had a few skeches myself. (Sketchbook 14-25)

Fortunately my team is good, and at the end of the lecture I could see that their motivation rose, and that gave me another boost as well. Also, we only need to include two more colors for next week, which gives me more time to practise drawing with tones. I feel like I really need this extra week to catch up to all the amazing work I’ve seen today in class.

We agreed on this general overgrown looking landscapes, with light from the sun, and light from the treecreatures. We could use the landscapes of a few games and movies, as this post-apocalyptic overgrown nature is fairly common. Games like Submerged and Enslaved, or films like I am Legend. I espacially liked the nature in Nausicaa, the Japanese movie from Ghibli studios.

And we developed great new ideas. For instense as we were thinking about light we came to the conclusion that the little treecreatures can produce light to fight off the shadows. Also based on Caitlin’s character design we have new creatures who defend the treecreatures, and use their light to fight, and protect mother nature from the shadow’s destruction. Caitlin’s other idea were these giant animal like beings who carry villages on their backs, and that is where our new creature’s live.

All in all we ended up with a better world and more interesting story opportunities. We stayed in the same group this week, so we have more time together to make next week’s presentation better.



After last week’s Character Design project we were put into new groups, and we have to design scenes based on 5 tones from white to black. I think this is a really interesting idea – we need to learn how to use tones before we use colours, and I hope I can improve more while doing this groupwork.

I decided to do some research on tones and values, the first thing that caught my eye was the Denman Ross nine step value scale.


On thin assignment we can only use 5 colours, but this can be a good start to choose the right shades of gray. And also, I managed to find a book Denman Ross wrote, The painter’s palette. It seems it can be read for free online here. The book is mostly about colours, but after reading the first few pages I found it useful.

To be honest I have never thought about it, but it seems value can describe a lot of things in an image. For example the depth, the light source, the exact shape and texture of a drawn subject.

I also came across a video which clarified all the things I already found, and I’ve learnt the difference between low contrast and high contrast images. High contrast ones look more powerful for me.

Now I’m off to do some more sketches based on everything I’ve learnt so far~


Character Design

After getting back from Hungary I joined a group that has already started working on their character design. The world has a postapocalyptic view, and we had to change a few main ideas to make it more logical – for instense the shadow people didn’t really have any meaning in the world, they were just there.
The basics were that Mother Nature decided that humans had gone too far and killed most of them off, but being a loving and caring creature, she felt  bad and brought their bodies and souls back to life seperately. She gave new consciousness to the bodies, creating the tree-people, and their old souls became the shadow-people. The main conflict would have been the shadows wanting their bodies back, but later we dismissed this idea, because the human form for the trees restricted our thinking in design.
First we had three characters in mind but we dismissed the form of Mother Nature as well as we went along. She became a god like creature in the end.
With the trees I did have more designs of the human shaped versions, changing their appearence was a last minute decision and I worked more on the shadows by then. (Sketchbook page 1-8)


Create a world

Last week’s group project was to build a world. We had to come up with a few (about 300) ideas before deciding on the final five. Fortunately it was a bit more easy than it first sounded, me and my groupmates could come up with a lot of different kind of worlds.

I cheated a little, and used an old Hungarian animation series, Mézga familly (1968-1978) as inspiration, in which a little boy sneaks out every night with his talking dog to explore new worlds in space. This is where the idea of the constantly changing and the quick world came from (just to mention the ones from the last five)

First we chose our ten best ideas which were

  1. split world
  2. bio dome
  3. world in a world
  4. technology/virtual reality
  5. forgotten world
  6. animals
  7. close to spirit world
  8. a world, where anything imagined comes true
  9. doors
  10. opposite world

It was a little harder to get 10-10 more ideas for these, but after a while we managed to do all of it.


200 more ideas later we only had to decide on the best five.


Our chosen worlds were the

  • Underwater biodome world
  • World of doors
  • Slow/quick split world
  • Microbiology world
  • Constantly changing world

I couldn’t take a good photo of my design yet, but I will post it later.