I finally found the time to get back to the animation. We could only solve the lighting situation with one wall missing in our room. This gave a big limitation on the animation itself, so I wanted to figure out what went wrong the first time. I watched a few tutorial videos back then, but none of them could help, so I decided to just play around, and do a bit deeper research.

I started with an area light to try and lit the whole room. No matter what I tried it still remained too dark so I moved on to the desktop lamp. Here I used a spotlight. I played around with the intensity, the dropoff and the angle of the cone before trying out how it would look like in the renderview.


The spotligh itself is not too bad, I just increased the exposure on the renderview to get the whole scene a bit more lighter.


With this the only problem is that the spotlight area becomes way too bright while the room itself looks alright. So I just have to figure out the ‘light the whole room’ problem.

Using a spotlight for the ceiling light didn’t work either… I moved back to the area light to give it a try again.


Somewhat better. The only thing I don’t like is that the nice shadow’s that the spotlight created almost disappeared because of the light coming from the ceiling. And the scene is a bit still too dark for me, on top of it the plane almost disappeares, so next to the area light I’m gonna use a spotlight as well to light the plane.


The next step I changed the area light to a point light.


I liked this one way better than the area light. Mostly because the pointlight seemed to take away the harshness of the colors of the objects in the scene which is not a bad thing at all.

It seems this time I found the right sources to use. I had a lot of help from the Solid Angle website, and also a book I got from the final year’s Bake ‘n’ Book Sale, 3D Animation Essentials.



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