Character Design and Principles

For the final assignment for life drawing we have to present four principles with our character. Since my last post on the subject I managed to came up with a design that I think is good for appeal. (The final designs are in my sketchbooks, the first one pg75-76, and the second one pg1-17.)



The second principle I wanted to show is solid drawing.  I think my sketches prove that I have a clear understanding on the character’s anatomy.

I had to pay attention to balance, that’s why at the end i chose him to have bug like legs and arms. Two legs were necessary, but I didn’t want to add more, the four arms could be very expressive.


The first pose I draw was – of course – Hamlet, just because Shakespeare is awesome. From this on I just grabbed random quotes from my favourite books for a few more sketches before moving on to the other principles.


At the end next to appeal and solid drawing I chose arcs, follow through and overlapping action, and squash and stretch.  (second sketchbook, pg11-15) (I already talked about the principles in my previous post.)

As for the articles we talked about at week 12… Only the second one, the one about gender representation influenced me somewhat while thinking about the character. First I didn’t even want to give a gender to it, it doesn’t really matter if it’s male or female, but considering the fact that it’s based on a moth I changed my mind. Altho I wouldn’t change the shape, just the color to keep it simple and real in this matter. I haven’t done a coloured version yet, but I imagine the male would be brownish, and the female would be a grayish colour just like in nature.

I really feel like this year’s life drawing helped me a lot. I pay more attention to perspective, anatomy and proportions than before, and altho I still struggle to get everything right I came a long way.


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