Animation and Rendering

Caitlin promised that she will put on 2D eyes and elements after we are finished with the whole animation and rendering, so we didn’t have to deal with facial expressions so far. Our animation is really simple, so it wasn’t too bad to animate. We have 8 scenes, so me and Dearbhail had 3-3 and Clare had two to make. Clare done the last and the sixth scene, I helped her a bit to fix parts when the plane was going into the mesh of the floor, and helped figure out how to animate a camera properly. Originally I had the first three scene to animate, but unfortunatelly Dearbhail didn’t send the ones she had done, just very noisy renders of two scenes, so I had to redo them as well.

I had the most fun with the jumping scene. I know it’s a car and it could roll as well, but we imagined it as a plush figure, made of one piece, and I wanted to do a bit of squash and stretch, practise anticipation… I feel a bit bad that I didn’t have more time to spend on each individual scene, but time was running out, and it is well known that rendering takes a long time.

About the rendering… I had no clue how to make it work, but I had loads of help from classmates. They showed me how to do it, and what to keep an eye on. After I started it, it was only a matter of patience to see how the end will look like.


(Special thanks to Eszter, my niece, who probably doesn’t even know that her drawing is on an imaginary kid’s virtual table…)


After rendering the only thing left for me was to figure out how to use Adobe After Effects. Again, I had help – thanks Lydia if you are reading this… – which made it so much more easier. I only had to save the individual scenes into video files so Clare could use them. I helped her cut it together, and she and Dearbhail done the sounds as well.


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