Finished Room

For the new animation we managed to finish modeling the room. I modeled the cork board, the picture on the wall and the pencil holder on the table as well. I also used Caitlin’s cube and metal jack, and Dearbhail’s pencil to decorate, and make it more roomy. I really liked the idea to add Vampie, Clare’s doll that she modeled earlier on.



Unfortunately I had to model a new curtain as well. Dearbhail’s animation of the wind looked great, but we had many problems with it, so I took it out to make it easier.



I tried to figure out how to light the scene, but soon I had to move on to the animation part. Unfortunatelly just when we started to animate we came across an issue… There was something up with the textures. Alec helped us fix it, but I had to retexture the whole room which took me a long time.


This is the final textured room. I kept the number of textures as low as I could, I didn’t want to run into another problem.


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