Work in Maya

Maggie already started modeling some amazing buildings and the bottles in Maya. I wanted to do the book – I didn’t use the one I made before, I was still more newbie at that point and the mesh is a bit messed up, so I created a new one. I wanted to animate the pages a bit, but couldn’t figure out how to rig it, so I moved on to make a few buildings as well.


This is the new book, during the making of this I got more comfortable in using lights as well – yaay.

For my next project I chose the stickworks, they are an installation made by Patrick Dougherty. I really liked the way they looked, and I thought they fitted our plan on the atmosphere well.

(Image source:

I had trouble with the texture, and the final result didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be, but in general I’m satisfied with the outcome.


For my next building I chose the  Bowditch House. There’s a lot of interesting information about it on this website:







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