Citizen Kane icons

Good news! We put together the whole schematic on a whiteboard (to be exact, it was a wall and one whiteboard…). Everyone got a section to put it on computer and make it more detailed as well, and I volunteered to get everyones and make it into one big piece. We were also thinking that every more important character should get a symbol to represent them on the final schematic making it more visual.

I’m making these icons in Adobe Illustrator… Here they are:

It wasn’t really a debate to get to the decision that Kane should be a rosebud. This world represents his lost childhood, and in my view it symbolizes the force that drives him throughout his whole life. I played around a bit with the colours as well, mixed the orange rose (means desire) with a bit of red at the bottom (means love) to show Kane’s desire for love.


We were a bit more in trouble with Susan. First Molly suggested a music note, which seemed to be a good idea. Then Viola said she should be the snowglobe. The snowglobe is an interesting object in the movie, but at the end we came to the conclusion that is more in connection with Kane’s childhood (again…). We agreed on that a puzzle piece would suit her, but I really liked th music note idea, so I added a G-clef as well.


Bernstein’s character was easy to get a hold on, we quickly decided on his sign which became his glasses.


Leland was a bit harder, but at the end we came to the conclusion that a whiskey glass would suit his personality as well as imply his drinking problems at the end of the film.


For Emily the diamond was a quick decision again. Just before we meet her in the film Kane mentions her in his telegraph as a diamond.


We were a bit in trouble with Junior. He doesn’t have a big role in the film, but he is Kane’s son, so we considered him important enough to receive his own symbol. Basically all we know about him is that he dies with Emily, his mother, in a car crash. It’s a bit dark, but this was the main reason we ended up on using a toy car for him.


Thatcher was easy enough, we get to know his part in the story through Thompson reading his diary, so this became the symbol we used.


Gettys is an interesting character. He doesn’t have much part in the film itself, but I think he has a big role in Kane’s life. He is the one who finds out about Susan and Kane’s relationship and threatens Kane to tell everyone about it. This is the point when Kane has to choose between Emily and Susan, and Kane doesn’t even hesitate. First we chose a snake just because of the reason he plays dirty to win the election. Later on Molly looked up that a snake actually means new beginnings, new life, which just suits Gettys’ role even more. His part forced Kane into starting a new life with Susan.


For Thompson we used a typewriter. He is a reporter, and he does all the research, all of us agreed that this symbol would suit him.





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