Citizen Kane part1

A man always seems the same size to himself, because he does not stand where we stand to look at him.” says Roger Ebert in his review on the movei Citizen Kane (1941). I think this sentence pretty much sums up what the movie was about.

Last week we got a new assignment. I stayed in the same group with Molly, Viola and Leon, and we have to make a schematic and an artifact for the movie, Citizen Kane. We decided to create the schematic first, this helps us getting a better understanding on the story itself, so we can make a better artifact afterwards. First everyone made their own schematic, which we can put together later (hopefully tomorrow). I’ve already seen Molly’s and Viola’s, and it’s fun to see how differently all of as had thought about the process. It’s gonna be a challenge to get it all together.

After watching the movie for the first time I decided to get a bit of a research in the schematic. Phil Campbell’s work on the movie The Godfather (1971), was really inspiring for me, here it is:

Mostly following his idea I tried to concentrate on the storyline and link every event to the characters.

I have also read a few reviews on the movie assuming that the more points of view I look at it, the better I will understand the depth of it, because there’s sure a lot under the surface. We will talk through it again tomorrow with my group, hopefully we’ll be able to get it together.



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