A Writer’s Journey

At the start of the second semester our first assignment was to make a presentation on a part of Christopher Vogler’s book The Writer’s Journey. My team (Molly, Leon, Viola and myself) got the last chapter, Return with the Elixir.

First I read our part of the book, I found it very interesting. I have never really thought about that there’s a pattern that can be used in most of the stories people come up with and still make it good. I’ll have to read the whole book in the near future to get a full picture tho…

Every one of us got a part of the chapter to present. I ended up with the last few paragraphs, starting with epilogues in movies. I was trying to stick to the book as much as possible, but I was also trying to come up with my own examples for each type of ending Vogler is talking about.

For epilogue’s I wanted to mention the Hungarian movie, Liza the Fox Fairy (2015). It has a really nice ending with a good epilogue.

We only have 6 minutes tho for the full presentation so I ended up with one that most people should know, the last part of The Hunger Games movies.

For me the hardest part was to come up with movies for the bad endings. I know a few, but looking back now most of them fits the part when the story itself is solved for the characters no matter how bad the actual writing is. I can only say most of the films that are made out of more books could be said to belong to the unfocused ending type. Movies like Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant (2009), based on Darren Shan’s Vampire Books series that contains 12 books, tend to try to put everything the original story contains into their storytelling which is only ~90 minutes long. An impossible thing to do in the first place, so usually the whole movie ends up just blurry and jumps from one plotline to the other.

I really like the idea of the KISS system (Keep It Simple, Stupid) – every writer has to pay attention for the story to be as simple as possible, that’s the only way that everyone would easily understand it.

I have already finished my part of the presentation on Google slides, we just need to put it together with everyone else’s.


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