Reflection on Creative Elments

I feel like I have learnt a lot throughout this semester. At the beginning I didn’t really know what to do or how to do it although I already had an idea about animation. The Build a world project taught me that there’s more to animation than moving around characters and scenes. Creating a whole new world is not an easy job, especially with characters in it who have unique personalities. All of this is really important and would be hard to achieve alone. These few months made me realize the posibilities of teamwork. It was hard to get the hang of it at the start, it wasn’t easy to work with everyone, but at the end we could always come up with more uniqe ideas if we put our heads together. As I got into new teams week by week it always got a bit easier to work together. Also the way I got to know different people and their different way of thinking it helped me more than I imagined it could at first. I feel like I have improved both in the quality of my drawing skills and the way I think about creating art in general as well. With almost filling a sketchbook just for my coursework through the semester the way I sketch got so much better. I have only realized this when I went back to think about character design again. At the beginning I couldn’t let all my ideas flow as I should have, but day by day without even realizing it I got more and more comfortable with thinking quickly through my sketches. What is even more important for me is that I got more confident as well. If I think about it I can only say that in this the life drawing sessions helped me the most. I always had a problem with freestyle drawing and it made all my sketches stiff. On the first few pages of my sketchbook they are still like that, but with the lot of practise I feel like I improved a lot in this as well.

All in all I came a long way from the start, but I still have a long journey ahead to get better and to get a deeper understanding in art in general.


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