Presentation – Tex Avery

My group (Charlotte, Glenn, Rachael and me) had to make a pechakucha style presentation on Tex Avery for Tuesday.

First of all, what is PechaKucha?

PechaKucha is a simple presentation form when 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each. Sounded easy enough first, but at the end we found so much information that it was really hard to figure out which parts are the most important. After having a look on the PechaKucha website it was very obvious that we don’t need any text on the slides. I kinda liked this idea because whenever I had to make a group presentation previously on a powerpoint everyone was just reading off of the screne and that doesn’t really hold anyone’s attention. It’s more interactive if we know what we have to do by heart.

After having a look on Tex Avery’s life with the group we decided that everyone should have 5 slides each to talk about. I ended up with the part when he was working for the animation department of Warner Brothers, or as it was called that time Leon Schlesinger studios. I felt like it’s better to take a look at all of his life tho, if questions occured during or after the presentation it was a good thing that I had a clue what the others were talking about. I wanted to get my facts right so I used many sources to get all the information. My most reliable source was Of Mice and Magic the book by Leonard Maltin. The book itself talkes about the studios, so to make it easier I read every chapter that included a studio Avery worked for. It was good to see the backgrounds and the future of all three studios before and after Avery animated there. I have also used internet sources like, or the American National Biography website. I also watched many film of his to get more familiar with his style, which was more fun than hard work. All the gags, the exaggareted animation are still funny today.

When everyone was ready with their 5 slides Glenn came up with the idea that we should swap it around a bit, so everyone got 2 slides of someone else’s. I ended up with Charlotte’s slides about Avery’s late career and death. In my research this was the only area that I never really got into so I did some more research on this subject as well.

Glenn was the one who put together the whole presentation and we made every slide change automatically after 20 seconds so we don’t have to watch the time while talking. At the end I think as Conánn said, we should have concentrated more on his work than his life, we had enough information to work with and fill all the slides just with the funny stuff, but in my view we did well anyway. Next time we can only get even better.

The presentation is available here: tex-avery.


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