Life drawing 8/12/16

I feel like I came a long way from the start, but after finishing Burne Hogarth’s book, Dynamic Figure Drawing I realized I still think in 2D while drawing.

“Seeing the body as a flat silhouette encourages a simplistic description of the figure as a mere area, and a drawing of this flat shape commonly assumes the character of an outline, or contour, drawing only. Shape-mass, on the other hand, demands to be understood as volume structure in three dimensions; this makes it possible to draw the figure in deep space projections, putting the human form into the most inventive and varied conceptions of foreshortening, advancing and receding in space.”

I have learnt a lot about proportions and I feel like I’m more confident now, but on todays session I tried to concentrate on the third dimension as well. It was hard and it held me back a little. I still feel like I could do better, I just have to practise more.


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