Animatic on the scale world

Happily we didn’t have to think about anything in connection with the world this time, and we easily decided on the story. Everyone was amazed by Nuala’s art from the colour week, so we agreed on a love story between a big and a small.

I know Photoshop isn’t the best solution to create animation, but I didn’t feel I had the time to learn a new software and we wanted to make a smooth and fluid animation.

This was our first version which my team presented after the Q&A with James Nesbitt. I mostly just used the art of my team, I only had to make the Midi in the third scene, and the rose at the end. I tried to do my best with the animation as well. I felt that this was a bit rushed, and we wanted too much to happen in 30 seconds, and it seemed I wasn’t wrong.

After the presentation we decided to clean up the animatic a bit. We will get rid of the midi scene, as it was only a source of confusion, make a few other scenes shorter or longer. Glenn wanted to redraw one of the backgrounds and Charlotte and Rachael are looking for sounds we can add later.

Update 04/12/16

I finished the updated version of the animatic with Glenn’s new background. We only need to add the sound.



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