Animatic research

New week, finally a new world seems like the fun begins. With my new teammates, Glenn, Charlotte and Roxy we have to create a 30 second long animatic.

First of all, what is an animatic? It seems to be an animated storyboard, with sound and in our case colour as well. Animatics are made to visualize the film before the hard work begins, to make sure the sound and the movements are fit together perfectly.

I remembered I’ve seen something like this from Iron Man 3 before, and after a few minutes I was able to find the video again. We have found a few more examples as well, this amazing animation made for the equally amazing game Undertale was one of my favourites.

We started out with creating a storyboard. Well, every one of us created one, and today we have finalized it.

I’ve already done my research on storyboard earlier as I was asked to make one by someone I know for her short film, and I have found a good website for some tips.

After putting it all together everyone got there own job to do. I became the lucky one who can animate, the only problem with this is that I have to wait until the others finish their job to start, so I went into a bit deeper research.

I’ve learnt a lot about key frames, inbetweens, and the basics of animation while reading The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams. This book seems to be more than usefull in many part of out studies, no wonder how it got it’s title.


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