Introducing Colour

This week we had to work in our world in colour next to the photography project. This assignment was more fun for me than last week’s tonality, because I always loved working in colour.

At the beginning I did some research. I’m lucky we covered this topic during my graphic designer course, but I think the more I look at it the better.

First I had a look at Johannes Itten’s book The Art of Color. His colour wheel and his contrasts are the basic things I have to have a look at more often.


I looked at the pictures he mentioned while writing about the contrasts for better understanding, I think I’ll try to create something for each of them too, but first I want to focus on the warm and cool contrast.

I also had another look at Denman Ross’ book The painter’s palette, focusing on the colour part of his writing.

I also found this video very useful.



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