After last week’s Character Design project we were put into new groups, and we have to design scenes based on 5 tones from white to black. I think this is a really interesting idea – we need to learn how to use tones before we use colours, and I hope I can improve more while doing this groupwork.

I decided to do some research on tones and values, the first thing that caught my eye was the Denman Ross nine step value scale.


On thin assignment we can only use 5 colours, but this can be a good start to choose the right shades of gray. And also, I managed to find a book Denman Ross wrote, The painter’s palette. It seems it can be read for free online here. The book is mostly about colours, but after reading the first few pages I found it useful.

To be honest I have never thought about it, but it seems value can describe a lot of things in an image. For example the depth, the light source, the exact shape and texture of a drawn subject.

I also came across a video which clarified all the things I already found, and I’ve learnt the difference between low contrast and high contrast images. High contrast ones look more powerful for me.

Now I’m off to do some more sketches based on everything I’ve learnt so far~



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