Create a world

Last week’s group project was to build a world. We had to come up with a few (about 300) ideas before deciding on the final five. Fortunately it was a bit more easy than it first sounded, me and my groupmates could come up with a lot of different kind of worlds.

I cheated a little, and used an old Hungarian animation series, Mézga familly (1968-1978) as inspiration, in which a little boy sneaks out every night with his talking dog to explore new worlds in space. This is where the idea of the constantly changing and the quick world came from (just to mention the ones from the last five)

First we chose our ten best ideas which were

  1. split world
  2. bio dome
  3. world in a world
  4. technology/virtual reality
  5. forgotten world
  6. animals
  7. close to spirit world
  8. a world, where anything imagined comes true
  9. doors
  10. opposite world

It was a little harder to get 10-10 more ideas for these, but after a while we managed to do all of it.


200 more ideas later we only had to decide on the best five.


Our chosen worlds were the

  • Underwater biodome world
  • World of doors
  • Slow/quick split world
  • Microbiology world
  • Constantly changing world

I couldn’t take a good photo of my design yet, but I will post it later.




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