BBC NI logo

Our first assigment was to create a moving interpretation on the BBC NI’s logo. In my team there was  two second years, Méabh and Phoebe, and a final year, Jordan. It was a really good exercise to get the hang of the way we will have to work in the furute with my classmates, although I feel like I couldn’t really do much work besides research.

At first we wanted something in connection with Northern Ireland, but after a few hours of thinking we settled on doing something more fun that could ease the mood before the news in the afternoon. Our final decision was a cow telling a pun.

Did you know that my father was a knight? His name was Sir Loin.

The joke was absolutely funny at first, but I heard it so many times during the week that at the end it got really tiring…

After we decided on the idea I was mostly looking for stock photos of cows and sound effects that we could use, Jordan was the one who put the video together and Méabh and Phoebe finalized the sounds.


At the end the final video turned out alright, and at least a lot of people laughed at our joke.


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